Identity card of Argan Oil

Botanical name :

Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
Usual name : Argan oil
Origin : Morocco
Organoleptic properties :
• Appearance :oily
• Coulor : yellow
• Odour : slight
• Touch : smooth
Composition of argan oil :
• Linoleil acid (Omega 6 essential polyunsatured fatty acid): 36%
• Oleic acid (Oméga 9, mounounsaturated fatty acid) : 44%
• Vitamin E : 62mg / 100g

Properties of argan oil : With a smooth texture argan oil contains over 80% unsaturated fatty acids that are essential for the proper functionning of the epidermis. Omega 6 reduces water loss from the skin, while omega 9 reinforces its elasticity. It is also rich in vitamin E wich helps to fight against the aging of skin cells. Anti-oxidant and rejuvenating it nourishes, protects and repairs the skin's hydrolipidic film. It's a precious ally for dry and devitalized skin.

Use : Face, body, hair, hands, nails and feets.

The fruit of the argan tree contains a very hard nut that in turn contains two or three kernels filled with oil.

ARGANDIA guarantees ans Argan oil of unique quality at every stage of production, in spirit of fairness ans sharing :


 Only ripe fruit with pulp are harvested in order to avoid peroxidation of the kernels caused by the goats ingesting and eliminating them
• The fruit is sun-dried collectively by the pickers'families
 The ripe fruit with pulp is stored directly in the village
• The pulp-removal and crushing is done by women in the Argan E.S.R organic and fair trade network


 The kernels are manually stored for an even purer oil
• The oil is extracted by first cold press. It is decanted and filtered in stainless steel tanks for better protection
• The oil is exported in metal barrels to reach our cosmetic factory in Provence
• Manufacturing of our products is 100% made in France, in Provence.