Guide - Castor Care Oil


The Story :



The Castor Oil plant is a tropical shrub, annual or perennial depending on its location, which can reach 10 meters on its original lands. Its Latin root “Ricinus” means “tick”, referring to the appearance of its seeds reminiscent of the parasite. Its characteristic fruit is covered with red or green spices, and once ripe, three oil-rich seeds appear.

Castor oil is particularly thick and viscous, a very small amount covers a large area making it one of the densest vegetable oils available.

Thanks to its original texture, castor oil is an excellent wetting and dispersing agent for pigments, ideal for make-up. Its specific fatty acid: ricinoleic acid, makes this vegetable oil a beauty treatment with surprising virtues already known from ancient times, since Cleopatra already used it as a make-up remover. 

Our ORGANIC Ricin oil is obtained by cold pressing the castor seeds, thus preserving all the properties of the oil.







Our Vegetable Oil :

Castor vegetable oil has an original chemical composition that gives it important fortifying and restructuring properties. Our Castor Oil is extracted from seeds carefully harvested by our partners in India. Its fragrance is strong, its colour light and its oil thick.   



Properties :

  • Restructuring
  • Fortifying
  • Ideal for hair and nail care to strengthen and stimulate their growth







Uses :


Hands and nails:

Massage into nails and cuticles.

Hair and scalp:

Apply to the ends or as a mask over the lengths 10 minutes before shampoo.








Tips :


To improve hair growth, separate your hair to uncover your scalp, apply castor oil ointment directly to your scalp and massage for a few minutes to ensure proper penetration. Cover your head with a bath cap or towel, leave it on for a few hours or all night, shampoo to remove excess oil. I usually rinse twice, repeat 3 times a week.