Guide - Bitter Orange Leaf EO


The Story :


Originally from China, the bitter orange tree is a tropical tree that is more resistant than other citrus trees and looks a lot like the sweet orange tree. It is distinguished by its thorny branches, its elliptical leaves, always green and shiny. Its five-petalled flowers are white. Its fruit, the bigarade, of medium size is a little rough, dark orange-red, and has a bitter and fragrant bark.

The essential oil of petit grain bigarade or bitter orange leaf is obtained from the distillation of the leaves and twigs of the bigaradier (the bitter orange tree), unlike that of neroli which comes from its flowers. The term “petit grain” refers to the tiny immature green fruits (in the shape of small grains) attached to the branches and distilled with the leaves.

Leonor of Castile, wife of the King of Navarre, having eaten a sour and bitter orange, Leonor of Castile found it so good that in 1421 she sowed the five seeds contained in this fruit. The seeds all rose and were never separated.

Anne of Brittany, wife of King Louis XII of France, received them as a gift and were the first orange trees to enter France. The famous orange tree that was called The Great Constable (for a time it was the property of the Constable of Bourbon) lived at the Orangery in Versailles until 1894 without ever producing a single orange.








The Plant :


The Petitgrain Bigaradier is a bitter orange tree that can reach 10 meters high. We have selected extracts of Bitter Orange Leaf carefully harvested under the Paraguayan sun, in order to offer a superior quality oil. It has a green and acidic smell, tinged with bitterness.



Properties :

– Promotes calm and relaxation
– Provides a zen atmosphere
– Diluted in a Vegetable Oil, to be used for a relaxing and relaxing massage.





Uses :

In infusion: For its calming and relaxing properties. It also has detoxifying properties.

To do this, mix 3 to 4 drops in a litre of warm, non-boiling water. Indeed, water that is too hot tends to evaporate the essential oil too quickly and could also degrade the essential oil and its components, making it less effective. It is important to dilute the essential oil of Bitter Orange Leaf in honey or on a sugar cube which you will then add in warm water, in order to unify the mixture. Once your preparation is done, you can enjoy your tea for a moment of relaxation, at any time of the day.

Atmospheric diffusion: To clean and purify the atmosphere of your home, but also to create a fruity and zen atmosphere, and thus perfume a room.

Depending on the diffusers and the size of the room, pour between 5 and 30 drops, and allow 30 minutes for a large room and about 15 minutes for a bedroom. In all cases, comply with the instructions for the device used.

In cosmetics: In cosmetics, it soothes problem skin and dermatoses, also beneficial in relaxation and relaxation massage.

Bitter Orange Leaf essential oil is used very diluted in a rich vegetable oil to provide a relaxing and relaxing massage. Pour 4 drops of essential oil for 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil of your choice and massage gently into the area concerned. The massage is performed preferably on the solar plexus, stomach, lower abdomen or lumbar vertebrae depending on the problems.





Tips :

To soothe and relax, put 2 to 3 drops on the solar plexus and massage clockwise. Calming action, cardiac regulator, dissolves stress and pessimism.