Guide - Apricot Kernel Beauty Oil


The Story : 


The apricot tree is a fruit tree of the Rosaceae family, the same family as the peach, cherry and almond trees. It is cultivated for its fruit, apricot, in many parts of the world.

This tree sometimes reaches a height of 6 metres when optimal conditions are met, its bark is dark brown and its foliage is lush.

Its name has several origins, initially deriving from the Latin “Praecoquum”, which means “early fruit”, due to its early spring flowering. It will then keep the same meaning in Arabic, “āl-barqwq” and will gradually approach the French form of today via Spanish and Catalan.

Although it has long been considered to come from Armenia, it actually comes from China, like fishing.








The Oil : 


Apricot kernel vegetable oil has a particular composition of active ingredients that gives it very pronounced nourishing and softening properties. Our apricot kernel vegetable oil is obtained by cold pressing kernels from Turkey to obtain the best of its properties. Its fragrance is similar to that of walnuts and almonds, while its colour is light yellow to orange. 


Properties :


  • Nourishing
  • Softening
  • Gives softness and radiance to all skin types.







Uses : 


Face and neck:

Apply a few drops evenly.

Body :

As a moisturizer or in massage.






Tips : 


Ideal for the eye area: mix 5 ml of rosehip oil, 2 ml of apricot kernel oil, 1 ml of avocado oil, mix the ingredients. Pour the mixture into a small vial. Keep the preparation in the fridge and apply it every evening to the eye area with a gentle fingertip massage.